Are You Ready to...


OK, Here's The Deal:

We'll call it...

Caught In The Act

Here's my simple offer:

I will come shoot your show.  

You get get up to 90 minutes of coverage.  

For a whole 90 dollars!

simply stated, it's

{{{   90 - 4 - 90   }}

Does That Sound Reasonable?

If so, then let's discuss the details:  

1. First, contact me to set up a date.

2.  Once the date/time of your show is set, I'll show up a little before the gig so that we can work together to arrange the stage.  I'll want to see what the lighting is like, work with the stage plot, microphone placement, etc. to make sure we get the best results.

3. After the event, I will supply you with  one-to-two dozen screen-resolution (72dpi)  jpeg files that you can do whatever you want with - online.  That covers your website, social media,  e-mail, online gig promotion and press kits, etc.  

4. All I ask of the online use is that a small copyright watermark appear in a corner of the image; If the size/aspect ratio of the file doesn't conform with your specific need, I will gladly re-crop and reformat the image for a specified purpose for no additional charge.  

5. If you want to use the images in another format - i.e. a poster, an album cover, a billboard or on the side of a bus - then we'll negotiate a reasonable fee for that use.

6.  Any editing/Photoshopping that is requested beyond basic color toning and cropping is $90/hr. I can get a LOT done in an hour.

7. Whoever appears in the photos will be asked to sign a release granting me use of the photos in my own future promotional efforts.  

8. I will need myself (Paul Schatzkin) +1 on your guest list.  Free beer for my assistant is optional but much appreciated....

9. The photo sessions are payable in advance, either via PayPal (below) or with a check before I start shooting.

10.  The 90-4-90 deal applies only to events within the Greater Nashville area (i.e. Davidson County).  Events beyond that radius will add applicable travel charges; please ask for a quote when requesting a date.

11. I own the images.  All rights are reserved by the photographer.

And here's the most important detail of all: .

 All of this comes with an absolute, no-questions-asked money back guarantee:  

If you're not happy with the results, you get your $90 back.  

Does All That Sound Reasonable?

If so, then great, let's see if we can book a date.

Use this e-mail link to request a date.  

Be sure to tell me some of the details of your event - venue, time, etc.

Once we've committed to a date/time, you can use this PayPal button:

or bring cash, check or credit card to the event.

That's all there is to it.

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